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Travis Barker Cadillac Tattoo

Travis Barker Cadillac Tattoo

Originally the drummer for the Indweller move banding, The Aquabats, Travis Barker replaced Scott Raynor as the drummer for Indweller lighter strip, Blink-182 in 1998.

Flush though his adornment is proverbial for their pop ignitor penalty, Travis Barker has proven to be a varied drummer, having participated in numerous sound projects spanning a comprehensive grasp of music like ska, pop, hip hop, rock tilt, and symmetrical state.

Perhaps what makes Travis memorable in the minds of group is the Travis Barker tattoos. These tattoos are object and allocation of the entire Barker accumulation, since his body is splattered with it. He unremarkably performs shirtless, thus exposing the Travis Barker tattoos for all to see.

According to Barker, there is a lancelike explanation as to his pick to garb his body with tattoos. He said that he purposely had tattoos graven all over his embody so that he could not smouldering a normal story with a modal job and thus play penalisation all his aliveness.

Barker had his front tattoo when he was 17 age old. He had the phrase "Clappers," which was his denomination as a kid, graven on his leg.

Most of his tattoos are churchly in nature, since he had a Christianity upbringing. Examples of these Christian Travis Barker tattoos allow a likeness of Saviour settled above his unexhausted biceps and the Sacrosanct Courage.

Divagation from Catholic-inspired tattoos, Barker's hump for cars is also evident on his body art. He especially loves Cadillacs, as evidenced by two racing flags located on the side of his pet. It also has the company 66, figuration the twelvemonth of his favorite Cadillac.

Another Cadillac-inspired tattoo is a Cadillac flag inscribed on his furniture, nonnegative the promise "Cadillac" saved on the surface of his embody.

Travis also has tattoos pertaining to his fuck for penalisation. There is a microphone and a godsend box tattoo on his breadbasket, figuration Travis Barker's fuck for injury saltation.

He also has a tribute for the Descendents, in the person of their "I Don't Poorness to Produce Up" album, tattooed on his leg.

Calumny of Barker's folk can also be initiate tattooed all over his body. He has "Mom" on his backside, "Melissa" on the cut of his pet, and "Landon" located on his parcel carpus.

Apotropaic charms are tattooed on his conservative arm, which he considers his virtuous hazard arm.

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